Business Identity Verification Research

When you need information on whom you are conducting business.

All relationships are based on achieving a certain level of trust. Some people require that trust be earned over time, but time is a luxury so others start relationships by crossing their fingers and hoping that their trust will never be taken advantage of. Some of these people will eventually find themselves in a tough situation down the road.

In this world, like it or not, there are some people who simply should not and can not be trusted. Before embarking on what could be a very important business relationship, doesn't it make sense to find out if the other party has anything in their past that you would rather know about them than not?

Don't be taken advantage of...

At The Bentley Corporation we can provide some relatively simple background information on Realtors, property investors, real estate companies and individual property owners, including the following...

  • Articles of Corporation
  • Business Ownership/Associations
  • Current & Past Business Licenses
  • Real Estate Ownership
  • Tax Liens
  • Credit History
  • Criminal Records

In our experience, information provided by someone that turns out to be false is generally a sign that there are probably other things the person is not being truthful about. Gathering some basic information to put yourself at ease with a relationship is not prying or intrusive, it is usually just plain smart. Don't be taken advantage of.

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