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Daniel J. Bentley // Principal

Over 20 Years of Professional Experience as a Supervisor, Investigator and Consultant

A native of Lafayette, Daniel J. Bentley is a lifelong resident of Acadiana, having lived in Lafayette parish for over 40 years. Mr. Bentley is the Founder and President of The Bentley Corporation, a professional Land Title Research & Investigations firm, and served as Commander of the Lafayette Chapter of The American Legion from 2014-2018. Mr. Bentley is a graduate of Lafayette High School and studied Criminal Justice at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

As a criminal investigator within the private sector, Mr. Bentley specialized in assisting federal, state and local law enforcement agencies track down elusive criminals involving fugitive apprehensions throughout the United States and abroad. With his extensive investigation background, his innovative spearheading of the first public accessible “Fugitive Information Network Database” (F.I.N.D.®) and hosting the CourtTV® television series "Fugitives from Justice", Mr. Bentley is recognized as an expert investigator and consultant throughout the legal, political and law enforcement communities.

With significant technological advances over the last decade, now made easily available to the general-public, there has been a substantial decrease in the demand for conventional investigative services. With that in mind, in 2010 Mr. Bentley restructured his investigative services to incorporate the Real Estate industry. Now, The Bentley Corporation specializes in Real Estate Property Research, Investment Property & Development Research, Comprehensive Land Title Abstracts, Business Identity Verification Research, Real Estate Skip Trace Investigations and Historical & Genealogical Records Research throughout the Acadiana area.


Mr. Bentley served as board chair of the Lafayette Chapter of The American Legion, board member of Veterans Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana, board member of the Lafayette Central Park Veterans Memorial Foundation from 2014-2018. He’s a founding sponsor of The National Museum of the United States Army, an active member of The Society of the Honor Guard (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier), The Sons of the American Revolution at Valley Forge, Lafayette Chapter of The American Legion, United States Association of Professional Investigators, Louisiana Private Investigators Association, National Association of Land Title Examiners & Abstractors and the Louisiana Association of Independent Land Title Agents. Mr. Bentley is also an active supporter of the Louisiana State Troopers Association and the Louisiana Sheriffs' Association.

Presidential Honor Guard

At the height of the Cold War, Mr. Bentley joined the United States Army and was immediately recognized for his tactical military accomplishments and physical stature by the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), Washington, D.C. After obtaining White House security clearance, Mr. Bentley was assigned to the elite Presidential Honor Guard (Echo Company) under President Ronald Reagan.

Assignments included: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (2nd Relief), United States Army Presidential 8-Man Casket Team, Presidential Joint Services 8-Man Casket Team, Pentagon security detail for Secretary of the Army (John O. Marsh), foreign dignitary escort for Soviet Union President (Miquel Gorbachev), foreign dignitary escort for British Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher), The 51st Presidential Inauguration of George H.W. Bush, United States Army Military Horseman Academy (Honor Graduate) & Caisson Platoon Team Leader.


In 1990, Mr. Bentley qualified to represent the United States Army at the United States Natural Bodybuilding Championships (USNBA). In October of that same year, Mr. Bentley traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and defeated a nationwide field of bodybuilders to finish first place as the Heavyweight Division Champion, “Mr. America”. Mr. Bentley was personally congratulated for his victory by former Secretary of the Army, John O. Marsh & featured in the 1991 February Issue of the Pentagon Newspaper.- view picture.

Supervisory Investigator

In 1995, Mr. Bentley began his investigative career, specializing in criminal and fugitive investigations. As a supervisory investigator within the private sector, Mr. Bentley specialized in assisting federal, state and local law enforcement agencies track down elusive criminals involving fugitive apprehensions throughout the United States and abroad. Over the next several years, Mr. Bentley identified multiple inadequacies of communication between law enforcement agencies. The most insufficient: Warrant databases were not interconnected, therefore causing miscommunication and wasted manpower, in retrospect allowing many fugitives to remain at large. With this inefficiency in mind, in 2002 Mr. Bentley spearheaded the development of the first public accessible “Fugitive Information Network Database” (F.I.N.D.®).

Fugitives From Justice Television Series

In 2005, Mr. Bentley partnered with CourtTV® to develop a cutting-edge reality television series titled "Fugitives From Justice". The series was produced by Brian Gadinsky, executive producer of American Idol & America’s Most Wanted. Created by law enforcement for law enforcement, the series was produced exclusively to be the driving mechanism directing millions of tipsters to the “Fugitive Information Network Database” (F.I.N.D.®). Its secondary objective was to provide law enforcement the opportunity to broadcast pertinent fugitive warrant information on a national television program reaching millions of viewers. Robert Osborne of the Hollywood Reporter deemed "Fugitives From Justice" as the the "Next Generation Viewer Interactive Law Enforcement Series" - view PDF.

Louisiana's Most Wanted Television Series

In 2009, Mr. Bentley also negotiated a network deal with the Louisiana Fox Network Group and aired the series throughout his home state from January 2009 to September of 2009 as "Louisiana's Most Wanted".

Also, in 2009, Mr. Bentley was invited to the State Capital by Senator Nick Gautreaux to address the Louisiana Sexual Assault Task Force regarding the technological advances of the “Fugitive Information Network Database” (F.I.N.D.®). The Task Force included representatives from state and local law enforcement agencies including the Louisiana Department of Social Services (DSS). Impressed with the technology, the DSS immediately began preparations to implement a rudimentary version of the database into their website, now known as the "Louisiana Child Support Enforcement Database".

Community Leader

On May 20, 2014, Mr. Bentley was elected unanimously to serve as Commander of the Lafayette Chapter of The American Legion. Commander Bentley’s vision for The American Legion was to expand membership and participation by outreach to younger veterans, while maintaining the American Legion’s status in the community as a center for veteran activities.

In 2014, Commander Bentley spearheaded the first inaugural "WWII Tribute Tour". Commander Bentley wanted to ensure every Acadiana WWII veteran had the opportunity, to visit the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans, while their health still allowed. The inaugural "WW II Tribute Tour" was sponsored in November of 2014 by The American Legion, Robert D. Lowe & Paul Hilliard.

In 2015, The American Legion presented Commander Bentley with a “Certificate of Appreciation” for his outstanding service to the Nation as a United States Army Soldier. Commander Bentley was recognized for his patriotism and continued support of the United States Army, its Soldiers, their Families, and Veterans. The award was authorized by General George W. Casey, Jr., United States Army Chief of Staff and John M. McHugh, Secretary of the Army.

Also, in 2015, Commander Bentley was invited to serve on the board of directors for the “Veteran's Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana”. With the knowledge that Acadiana is home to many young veterans returning home from military service in Iraq/Afghanistan, the Coalition was instrumental in working closely with U.S. Senator David Vitter, U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy and U.S. Congressman Charles Boustany to establish the new VA Clinic in Lafayette for the 60-thousand veterans living in the Acadiana area.

In 2016, Commander Bentley joined the board of directors of the “Lafayette Central Park Veterans Memorial Foundation”. The Veterans’ Memorial at Moncus Park will be a permanent installation of fourteen (14) granite monuments commemorating American military participation in key conflicts throughout history. In addition, Commander Bentley donated a piece of the Pentagon from the attack on 9/11 to be part this historical, world class project.

On January 30, 2016, Commander Bentley was awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” by 256th Infantry Brigade Commander, Colonel Damien K. Waddell and Command Sergeant Major Patrick L. Sandel, for his exceptional leadership of the Lafayette Veteran community and his personal financial support of several soldiers’ families during 2015.

On March 29, 2016, Commander Bentley was awarded a “Certificate of Commendation” by the board of directors of the United States Army National Museum, in recognition as a Founding Sponsor for his unselfish generosity which is acknowledged as vitally important to helping build a new national landmark that will pay tribute to the American Soldier in war and peace. The award was authorized by Brigadier General Creighton W. Abrams, Jr. & Lieutenant General Roger C. Schultz.

Also, in 2016, Commander Bentley spearheaded the first annual “Honorfest” event in Lafayette. A Veteran’s Day celebration featuring country music legend, Trace Atkins. The event was held at Parc International in downtown Lafayette on November 11, 2016. The Lafayette Consolidated Government and Mayor-President Joel Robideaux officially recognized the event with an “Official Proclamation” and presented the certificate to Commander Bentley on behalf of the Lafayette Veteran community. Commander Bentley also had the distinct honor of presenting Trace Adkins with the “Key to the City”.

In 2017, “The Greatest Generation Diners Club” was established by the Lafayette Chapter of the American Legion, under the leadership of Commander Bentley. This club was created to promote the socialization and well-being of our WWII Veterans, who have sacrificed so much for our great country.

On February 21, 2018, Commander Bentley was inducted into “The Sons of the American Revolution” and awarded the “SAR Compatriot Medal” in remembrance of his 4th Great-Grandfather, Jeremiah Bentley who served in the War of the Revolution between the then Thirteen United Colonies & Great Britain, in the 15th Virginia Regiment under the command of General George Washington & General Marquis de Lafayette at Valley Forge in the winter of 1778.


Mr. Bentley is the son of Edmond Broussard Bentley & Cynthia Teresa LeBlanc, and a direct descendant of both Joseph “Beausoleil” Broussard, Leader of the Acadians and Jean “Chapeau” Mouton, Founder of Lafayette. Mr. Bentley has been married to his wife, Shelley F. Guidry since 1994 and have five beautiful children: Chase, Ashley, Cole, Alexis & Amber; as well as three grandchildren: Landon, Abram & Laikley.