Real Estate Title Abstractors & Land Title Abstracts

Our Title Abstractors specialize in Real Estate & Land Title Abstracts throughout the Lafayette area!

Imagine loans closing today because a title abstract didn’t hold them up. With an accurate estimated time of arrival on title abstracts you can be the hero of any mortgage company by closing loans in days, not weeks. Accurate turnaround time and status updates on your title abtracts will let you keep your clients happy and in-touch with the status of their loan. We can deliver it all, fast and accurate!

Save Time and Close More Loans!

Save time and close more loans with accurate estimated time of arrival dates and thorough reports from Bentley Real Estate Title Abstracts. We can examine any and all public records in the property owner’s name while maintaining an open line of communication with our clients.

Get immediate updates and quick delivery with any one of our abstract title services, including:

  • Accurate Chain of Title Reports: You will receive a detailed report on the acquisition of the property: open mortgages, state and federal tax liens, mechanic’s liens, judgments, and any tax issues the current owner has. You'll also get a copy of the deed and all city and parish property tax information.
  • 10 Year / Two Link Searches: We research courthouse records for all mortgages, judgments, liens, and city/parish property tax payment information for the last two owners of the property.
  • Full Title Searches: We research courthouse records for all mortgages, and conveyance records, information on open mortgages, judgments or liens, as well as city/parish property tax payment information, concerning the property from the past 30 years.

Our accurate information on encumbrances and/or judgments attached to a property will speed the process and keep unwanted surprises off your busy schedule. Don’t let companies that put your land title search on hold decide the fate of your client's loan. You know a land title search is important for a loan and that delay is bad for the entire process.

We Are Acadiana's Premier Land Title Research & Investigations Firm

We are a professional land title research & investigations firm headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. We are fully insured for your protection and staffed solely by highly trained, qualified and experienced professional title abstractors.

For a Free Consultation, please contact our offices where we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have relating to your case. We can be contacted by phone at 337.451.4983 or you can visit our contact page to corraspond via email.